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Meet the team

Karagichov Alexander

Alexander Karagichov – CRO/SEO/Content Manager

Alex (A.K.A Shu) has been playing video games since before he learned how to walk.

He has a deep passion for video games. He doesn’t view games as another medium of entertainment but as works of art with the power tell compelling stories that turn users into active decision makers rather then passive ones as is the case with books.

Alexander holds an MBA From Higher School of Economics in Moscow and he wrote his master thesis about the industry. You can read about it here.

Alexander is also an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert.

Kirill Shvetsov

Kirill Shvetsov – Engineering

Kirill was born with a controller in his hands. He spent thousands of hours saving the world from monsters and various evils. Recently however he started delving deeper into indie games so he got that going for him which is nice.

Kirill is also a Web Development Expert.


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