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Heroes 3 Wake of Gods Review


Now, you may be a bit tipsy on the rum from the Heroes 3 HotA, but surely you still crave more adventure? Among the mods that push our beloved Heroes 3 further, one such expanded mod is Heroes 3 Wake of Gods. In the same way as Horn of the Abyss is considered an expansion in its own right, so too, is In the Wake of Gods. It’s a choice of many players out there such as yourself, between HotA and WoG, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The best thing is, that both mods are standalone and don’t conflict with one another, so you can give a whirl at both.

The WoG mod itself is as of this point still a project in progress, and it’s unknown when it’s to be officially released – it is assumed soon, though as with most player-driven contents, development of this mod will no doubt continue long after the official release. There are already various groups of people working on sub-mods with new towns and troops, as it is. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into what Heroes 3 Wake of Gods mod actually is.

Heroes 3 WoG – Wake of Gods is more than a mod

Homm 3 WoG has extensive content that’s added to the original Heroes 3 game. With Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Wake of Gods, we get 8th Level Creatures, which are considered divine in essence, meaning that they have certain conditions to be recruited and are in fact pretty rare. The 8th Level Creatures are based on top tier creatures in the existing towns, which means there’s now a Supreme Archangel with a new skill and improved resurrection ability. A Diamond Dragon, blinding and immune to all spells. 

Wake of gods 8th creatures

A titan Lord of Thunder, wielding improved power of the storm. A Hell Baron with a petrifying soul-stealing strike that demands respect of those around him. A Blood Dragon, abomination and mutant between ghosts and vampires. A Darkness Dragon which returns to the point of their origin after striking, whilst granting Hero additional specialty. Spectral Ghost Behemoth, returning from barbarian lands to aid with its power. A Hell Hydra, blessed with incredible powers of regeneration. And a Sacred Phoenix with full resurrection and its flames burning hotter than those of normal Phoenixes. Heroes 3 Wake of Gods indeed offers us a lot of new creatures, and thus, each castle has its own addition. Yet there are indeed more new monsters to be found throughout the game’s dwellings – For the moment, sixteen normal creatures, such as Ghosts, Elemental Golems, steeds (Nightmare and Hell), Werewolves, and new dragons. In addition, we get four new creatures, which represent Gods themselves – Emissary of War, Peace, Mana, and Lore, as well as the four main elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, respectively.

God representatives - Emissary of War, Peace, Mana, and Lore

Alongside the aforementioned creatures, Commander creatures have been created. Commanders in Heroes 3 WoG are a powerful mix of creatures and heroes, with their own set of skills and can level-up, just like heroes can. One Champion represents each town, thus we get a divine defender, blessed with healing magic – Paladin of the Castle. A mystical healer called Hierophant, Champion from Ramparts. Distant titan relative Temple Guardian from Tower with mana-restorative and aim-improving powers. 

Inferno’s Champion Succubus, charming and entrancing as can be expected of such a demon. Dungeon’s Champion Brute – Half-man and bull, which inspires bloodlust to the troops. Necropolis Champion Soul Eater, which is undead and reanimates fellow fallen undead. Ogre Leader Champion of Stronghold, which always brings an additional ballista with it, as well as knowing how to make allies’ skin tougher. From Fortress, a Champion Shaman aids with Haste and its primal magic. And last, but not least, Astral Spirit Champion of Conflux from the astral plane of existence, aiding allies with its visions of the future. In Heroes 3 Wake of Gods, each and every Commander can have four out of six primary skills, and each skill has five levels. Furthermore, advancement unlocks six out of fifteen possible secondary skills, which have no further levels – nor a need for them. Should a Commander fall in battle, they may be revived for a small resource donation at the Commander Sanctuary.

WoG commanders

Heroes 3 Wake of Gods – A Complex Expansion

As we plough through the Heroes 3 Wake of Gods mod’s towns with new mighty forces on our side, it’s up to our choice whether we demolish the town and rebuild it, at the cost of gold required to be paid to the creatures inhabiting each structure, or dispersing them in a battle. Furthermore, there’s a chance you may need to pay off the people to keep them calm due to your act of destroying their town. Siege arrow towers receive experience and thus gain damage, defending better long term. During battles, if a creature has more than one Attack Mode, such as shooting, melee, or return attack and casting spells, we may choose which one they’ll utilize, granting us more tactical options on how to progress a battle. WoG mod also gives us heroes with entirely new specializations – Such as a Necromancer Nagash with his Veil of Darkness which shrouds the hero on the map, and a Warlock Jeddite with Builder specialty, granting the ability to rebuild a demolished city as any city. 

wake of gods rebuilding

The heroes themselves can come across a Sphinx, which asks a hero a question. According to the answer being correct, or wrong, the hero gains Blessings or Curses from it. This either aids, or hinders the hero in new complex ways through travels and battles, adding even more depth to Heroes 3 Wake of Gods battles – Thus, whether we’re rushing into a battle or not, is now, even more, a matter of tactical choice, which depends on other factors – buffs and debuffs; not just hero level, skills, equipment, and troops.

Heroes themselves may also now represent Gods, becoming Emissaries, with their powers growing every week. We end up having Emissary of War with a focus on attack bonus, Emissary of Peace with its focus on defense bonus, Emissary of Mana with increased magic power, and Emissary of Lore gaining on knowledge. Furthermore, as a new feature back in Heroes IV, the feature transferred to the mod of Heroes 3 Wake of Gods, where we can have our troops wandering around or even dropping an artifact from our bag. Creatures now also gain their own experience through battles, making them tougher in the long term. We get eighteen new artifacts, along with ten extra blank artifacts, which you yourself can create through a script. We get six new creature banks (structures) with unusual prizes after victory, and over thirty new in-game map objects also without scripts, left to be tailored by our desires and imaginations. In addition, loads of new scripts have been made, granting us options to further tailor our game experience, even changing building bonuses and their amounts. 

Along with choosing new Map Rules and Artifact Boosts in Heroes 3 Wake of Gods, we have new buildings with entirely new effects presented, such as hiring Freelancers, battling in various Adventure Caves – Dungeons, and new Mithril enhancements in towns, which is used to upgrade structures in different ways. Its upgrades differ based on which map rules are active. We also get a variety of hero and creature rebalances, choosing our very own Henchmen among our creatures, enhanced monsters, and war machines – for which the skills Artillery, Ballistics, and First Aid have been combined into a single Warfare skill. There are also custom alliances available, with new custom-made Battlefields to add to the visual variety, and much, much more! For those of us not much into scripting, the team and community offers a plethora of pre-made scripts, which we can apply to the empty objects. The mod also comes with its own campaign which has a heavy emphasis on showing off HoMM 3 WoG features.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 WoG receives bug patches and updates regularly, and all the while continues to expand just as does the vision of its creators and other champions working on this project. The mod is easy to install, it’s fully portable, has an advanced editor with mod support, custom in-game buttons, colored texts, and object packs. Heroes 3 Wake of Gods also improves multiplayer and has a dozen of other game tweaks, whilst supplying its own mods within a mod. You can run the mod without difficulty by either having Heroes Complete Edition or Heroes 3 Shadow of Death expansion. In the end, Heroes 3 Wake of Gods is an expansion mod that is definitely worth checking out, as it improves on the original game in its own unique way on nearly all favorite features in the most amazing and cool ways. Come on, let’s be honest – Who doesn’t want more creatures and other features to the most beloved Heroes of Might and Magic game?


If you are looking for Heroes 3 Wake of Gods full download, you will find it in this link. The complete edition itself can be purchased for a laughable price on GoG

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